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SCC AGM 2019


Jontin on it

Once again I find myself putting finger to plastic to bring the minutes of our August AGM, held in January. The very peak of a British winter, made great by our simple gathering. In fact it was anything but – more a grandiose collection of inestimable comrades, rotung in girth, long in shaft and stiff in resolution. I will shut up.

MInutes of the AGM for the Soho Cricket Collective
24th January 2019
The Lord’s Tavern


Having decided a quorum was present, the register was:

  1. Philip Richardson – YURI
  2. Malcolm Hercus – MALKOVICH
  3. Jonathan Savitt – JONTIN
  4. Dan Woodhouse – DACHA
  5. Malik Suleman – MALIKOVICH
  6. Stephen Meade – TBC
  7. John Hirst – YANKHEROFF
  8. Dan March – SOLDYA
  9. Pete Brandon – BRANDONOVSKI

No particular order placed.

Absent friends and comrades were toasted – yummy.

MALKOVICH – treasurer commissar

  • There was something of a scare over finance and if we made a big loss – resolved when Chiswick House repaid the £300 they owed us for cancellation last season. However, it was by no means a high profit year.
  • Accounting systems need a good overhaul.
  • Comrade (Now comrade commissar adjutant) Stephen Meade volunteered to help Malkovich with preparation of an online Google spreadsheet for match fees and also membership subs.
  • Yankers wanted it also to encompass some non online payments as we need cash for teas – we all agreed.
  • Membership fees unchanged.

BRANDONOVSKI – Quartermaster commissar

  • 10% of all sales though our cricket store come to us – have there been any and can we have it? Brando to investigate and report back.
  • Yankers mooted the idea of a club gazebo – rejected due to transport issues
  • Yuri mooted club flag – lethargic response, again due to transport of base.
  • All happy with company Serious Cricket – yes.

JONTIN – Captains’ commissar

  • Play fair – maintain the spirit of the game and and drink spirit, during the game. Spread the love.
  • A vice captain must play a role, learn from the captain or teach the captain if the seniority is reversed.
  • More must volunteer to captain.
  • Soldya volunteered forthwith to captain with greater frequency.
  • Jontin: “People like to win. Don’t lose a match to be nice.” to which we mostly all agreed except for Yuri who once again stated that he doesn’t want us to become “a lethal winning machine.” – never fails in leading to raucous laughter.
  • Stephen Mead [my notes are hard to read]:”Bet Ling to captain is to captain. Sorry, Stephen, I had drunk beer.
  • Yuri: [thought, not spoken] Why do I always write the bloody minutes?

YANKHEROFF – Fixtures commissar

  • Fixtures have now been advertised on FaceBook and need to go on blog – Yuri
  • Last year we scheduled 11 and got to play 5 – weather and one other issue
  • Small comms issue admitted to by Yankers in regards to Stoke Row – shit happens
  • Fixture with Top Knockers now replaces the above. They are another roaming team, we all look forward to seeing these Knockers running about the field.
  • Sandon weekender now forward one week.
  • No VCC – they don’t think we are fun. Somewhat of a shame but upon looking at the table, I saw not one tear.
  • All other changes to schedule heartily accepted.
  • Hole is still present on May 5th – offers for oppo?

DACHA – Training commissar

  • AN initial discussion on where the best place for the net sessions was and it seemed that we all still felt Paddington worked well, and that Lord’s for indoor nets was also good.
  • It is important that the SCC try to net together as much as we can and not just net independently. Keep the camaraderie strong.
  • SOLDYA is very keen for a net at Lord’s with a coach and there was a good degree of support for this.
  • Stephen Meade (TBC) introduced the idea of nets at George Abbot school and other private school possibilities. This requires travel to Guildford which put some off, but the idea of sourcing a London school with indoor nets is a good idea.
  • I have an added note saying that DACHA was to look into group training sessions. However, my writing is terrible.
  • Nets in the great outdoors to commence approx’ mid Feb – Brrraaahhh
  • A system of warm-ups before each game – needs to be made essential and is vital to prevent injury for this season.

YURI – comrade commissar premier

  • A new commissar is appointed, STEPHEN MEADE (nickname TBC) whose responsibility will be towards membership, the full details of which will be settled before the season starts.
  • No other changes to the commissariat other than that of Yuri which is detailed below.
  • YANKHEROFF was wondering about new members drinks and when and where?
    • The Lion is mentioned and its upstairs – where is this place?
    • Within first two weeks of March
  • YURI is going to step down as Premier at the end of the very last game in this coming 2019 season. It’s been great but it will also be Yuri’s 10th year.
    • Some debate about if the SCC needs a Premier at all. It seems to run itself, and all commissars know what they have to do.
    • Comrade commissar Stephen Meade made a point that it runs itself so well because of the existence of a Premier.
    • Premier Yuri to write up his list of duties.

Any other business

  • There should be a 10 year anniversary celebration. This could be several dates of course, it’s Yuri’s 10th year of premiering the SCC but the 10 year anniversary itself is 20th August 2010.
  • Twitter needs reactivating – Yuri to pass details to Brando.
  • SOLDYA requests Ben-Romer-Lee gets free membership for 2019 as he didn’t play once and yet paid in 2018 – agreed.
  • MALKOVICH – Can we hire umps and scorers on occasion where there are no village local – Yes, carried.
  • Stephen Meade said something about the “Young lad of Sandon” but I may have dreamt that.
  • YANKERS – Match reports by those who want to write them – if they were there. Also, “Scoring is not boring”.


These minutes are for adding and adjusting by those present at the AGM and should be done so by comments or emails to premier.

Many thanks


SCC Awards Night 2018

29th November 2018 – Awards night comes around so quickly. The season is barely in full swing before we’re stopped and reminiscing on our failings and our victories. Twas ever such. 

The venue this year was the Lord’s Tavern which sits within a quick single of the Mecca of British cricket and we were warmly welcomed and had a fabulous night. 

Dacha – the comrades’ comrade Cobramovich Trophy winner 2019

As you can see, the main event was the award of the Cobramovich trophy, the comrades’ comrade samovar, to comrade commissar Dacha, aka Daniel Woodhouse (LEFT). Such a sterling comrade and a clear and humble victor. Comrade, we salute you!

Other winners on the night were the recipients of the SCC certificates of merit for their season’s achievements. They were…

Best keeping – Brandonovski (Pete Brandon)

Most improved – Malkovich (Malcolm Hercus)

Best all rounder – Meadoff (Stephen Meade)

Captaincy merit – Brandonovski (Pete Brandon)

Well done all comrades!

Semper sodales, fors et victores!!

SCC 2017 awards night glory

Comrade commissar Brandonovski

Awards night comes around so quickly. The season is barely in full swing before we’re stopped and reminiscing on our failings and our victories. Twas ever such. 

The venue this year was the Lord’s Tavern which sits within a quick single of the Mecca of British cricket and we were warmly welcomed add had a fabulous night. 

As you can see, the main event was the award of the Cobramovich trophy, the comrades’ comrade samovar, to Brandonovski. Aka Pete Brandon. The result was a clear win for him and we all celebrate his success… he was decidedly gooey! Congratulations from us all Brandonivski.

Other winners on the night were the recipients of the SCC certificates of merit for their season’s achievements. They were…

Best keeping – Brandonovski (Pete Brandon)

Most improved – Malkovich (Malcolm Hercus)

Most runs – Vlad (Charlie Richards)

Most wickets – Yuri P (Philip Richardson)

Captaincy merit – Dacha (Dan Woodhouse)

Well done all comrades!

Semper sodales, fors et victores!!




SCC – AGM minutes 2017

The Montagu Pyke

Hello comrades, below is the results of our AGM from 8th February 2017.

The AGM was held in the most celubrious of venues, The Montagu Pyke on Greek street.


Is there a quorum of at least 3? Yes. Those present were:

  1. Dacha, Dan Woodhouse
  2. Soldya, Dan March
  3. Jontin, Jonathan Savitt
  4. Yankheroff, Jon Hirst
  5. Will Roberts
  6. Simon Woods
  7. Harrison Rose
  8. Yuri, Philip Richardson

A toast to absent friends was warmly received. 


  • Treasurer post empty so Yuri stands in for this part
  • Treasurer has stood down after invitation as he was unable to volunteer time – namely Ilyeva, Olivier Lauchenauer
  • A bank statement was presented as a report due to lack of treasury time and input. This was reviewed by all to determine there was no impropriety. 
  • A vote was taken on the main issue of whether or not fees should change from the 2016 season and a decision of ‘no change’ was arrived at. Jontin voted against, expressing no opinion in either way!
    • Membership fees are £50 for the season except for under 18s, full time students and those who are over 59.


Comrade commissar Yankheroff, John Hirst, presented a detailed list of fixtures for 2017 which shall be presented to the comrades soon.

  • It has a splendid schedule and provides a game every other week.
  • A fantastic two day event towards season end.
    • 4 innings match
    • at Baldock
    • Paying for umpires and scorers
  • LMS and BELIEVERS dropped
  • Ley Hill added
  • Biggest season ever!
    • Yankheroff determined we bring in new blood, at least 2-3 regulars – all in agreement
    • Grateful for young blood at the AGM – let’s see them playing!
    • Start of season drinks required late March early April
    • Ipad APP of some description required to help in scoring
    • Yuri pointed out the need was equally that of lack of ‘bother’ from some comrades
    • App shall be purchased!
  • A toast of congratulations was given to Yankheroff for stirling work in the fixtures for 2017 and his work last season.


  • The purchase through charitable collection of a portable defibrillator was raised for a vote and unanimously carried. We shall hope to have one in place by the season end. This will take considerable effort and a plan must be prepared.
  • Twitter feed – Brandonovski wants to contribute further content to that. All agreed.
  • FACEBOOK/BLOG: A long and passionate debate ensued and covered the following areas:
    • Yankheroff felt the blog and its costs was not necessary as it is usurped by Facebook
    • Yuri believe both have their place.
    • The FB group is now public and both events and posts are soon to be on the blog.
    • Although Yuri was happy to maintain the blog under his own funds, the general consensus was to maintain both blog and facebook.
      • FB definitely captures most of our current players
      • Blog is accessible and readily available to those that are not on facebook
  • Brandonovski also sees the need for recruitment and together with Yankheroff and Yuri we shall develop a recruitment drive for about 3-4 new players, over and above the intake of the last two seasons.
  • The shop is still there and selling our club kit:
    • Every paid player should have at least a match shirt, presently at £19.99


  • After keenly volunteering to look after net bookings at Paddington and beyond, Dacha, Dan Woodhouse, was appointed Training Commissar. A unanimously welcomed appointment.
  • We are still happy to use Paddington as our main net facility
  • Plastic stumps for SCC shall be purchased (present stumps are with Yuri)

A hot bed of an AGM


  • All comrades to concentrate on fitness
  • Youth in the outfield placed where valuable
  • Always buy your round in the pub
  • Everybody must make a greater effort to know your positions – we shall train in this
  • More talking in the field – keep the Soho spirit up
  • Dacha to enable pre-match warm ups and develop them


  • Voting for Treasurer was an odd affair as Brandonovski had said that he would do it if nobody else would – nobody else did. Consequently the commissariat positions are as follows
    • comrade commissar premier – Yuri
    • comrade commissar treasurer – Brandonovski
    • comrade commissar fixtures secretary – Yankheroff
    • comrade commissar of captains – Jontin
    • comrade commissar quartermaster – Brandonovski
    • comrade commissar adjutant – Hodderoff
    • comrade commissar of training – Dacha


  • By this point it must be noted for the minutes that a fair amount of mist had fogged the eyes of the chairperson and minute-taker, Yuri. Apologies for the brevity throughout, but I believe this was noted:
  • Yankheroff – worried for SCC last season but feels we are all delighted that we are still a team and will play on and on and on. 2017 to be a great season.
  • Possible nicknames were devised for Harrison and Simon.
    • Plemyanik – Harrison
    • Ledz – Simon

THE MEETING CLOSED with the bar still open.

Tim Graham Memorial Charity Cricket Fair 18th June 2016

Tim Graham Memorial
Tim Graham Memorial


With a great man come great friends. Tim was one such man and as a result of his passing, his friends have conceived and designed a most fitting and beautiful celebration, the details of which are laid down here by Martin Stockman, his friend and VCC cricketer. Plans also created and overseen by our comrade commissars, Brandonovski and Ilyeva.

Last September we lost our wonderful friend Tim Graham. Tim loved life, loved friends, loved a party, loved music .. and loved cricket. We’ve put all this together to have a Memorial Fair on Saturday 18th June 2016 celebrating this charming man who brought so much colour, warmth and laughter to our lives. 


What: The Tim Graham Memorial Charity Cricket Fair

When: Noon Till Midnight 18th June 2016 (though coming all day not obligatory!)

Where: Sandon Strollers Cricket Club Roe Green Sandon, Herts SG9 0QG ..its about an hour’s drive from Central London.

Cost: £25 Adults, £10 Unwaged / Students, £0 Kids under 12.


(Must be bought in advance, preferably now!)

What does Ticket Buy? A Traditional Tea (230pm-4pm) and Supper (7pm-9pm.)with a Hog Roast and fabulous Vegetarian Options. A glass of Prosecco served at 8pm. Live Music …a jazz band in afternoon and live band / disco in evening. Three Cricket matches. Other Games including Rounders, Tug’o’war, Yoga.

What doesn’t Ticket buy? There is a PAY bar from noon onwards run by Sandon CC. Fine Ales and Wines. We will also have a cocktail hour. You’ll need CASH for this. They do not have a card machine or contactless payments. Yes, hipsters and metrosexuals .. bring CASH

What about Charity? £10 of each ticket will go to the British Heart Foundation and the Wycombe General Intensive Care Ward.

Can I bring my own refreshments? Yes

What if it rains? For light rain / showers we have 2 Marquees. For heavy rain we have the local village hall. But it won’t rain. I think.

Don’t hesitate to contact Kate or myself if you have any queries. Finally please purchase tickets now – or soon- so we have cashflow to fund the various events …

Awards Night, 2014 season


comrade commissar Yankheroff 2014 Comrades' comrade
comrade commissar Yankheroff
2014 Comrades’ comrade

One million apologies for the terribly late post of this blog. I shall publicly flog myself with a damp sardine. But nothing will stop me from admiring the splendid comrades who attended our end of season awards night at The Union Club on 12th November 2014.

Firstly, let us commence with our most deserving of award winners, winner of the comrades’ comrade award 2014 went to Yankheroff, aka John Hirst. Receiving a significant voting majority in the secret poll, Yankheroff rightly took home the extremely heavy trophy! His exploits on the field and especially behind, meant that he is a worthy winner. The extensive fixture list and negotiation required was down to him and he undertook this task manfully. Congratulations.

Other winners were:



Captaincy Merits:

  • Brandonovski (Peter Brandon)
  • Cobramovich (Tim Graham)
  • Jontin (Jon Savitt)
  • Marx (Mark Blackledge)
  • Yankheroff (John Hirst)
  • Yuri (Philip Richardson)

Most Improved:

  • Chipmunkski (Tim Richardson)

Most Catches: Joint winners

  • Cobramovich (Tim Graham)
  • Soldya (Dan March)

Most Wicket Catches:

  • Robski (Rob Dixon)

Most Wickets Bowled: 11

  • Yuri (Philip Richardson)

Most Runs Scored: 225

  • Dagleyev (Neil Dagley)

We in the commissariat and all comrades, strong in heart and true in spirit, salute you all, comrades! Great work and may you act as inspiration for all present and future comrades to fight, drink and play harder.

Semper Sodales, Fors et Victores!

AGM – Minutes and notes

Judge Yuri
Judge Yuri

AGM for the Soho Cricket Collective


Wednesday 23rd January 2013

Held at

The Union Club
50 Greek Street

Those present

  • Mark Blackledge
  • Peter Brandon
  • Tim Graham
  • Olivier Lauchenauer
  • Philip Richardson
  • Jon Savitt

The meeting commenced around a round table that catered for all of the suitable paperwork and provided ample space for food and wine to be laid out. This, comrades, was achieved successfully and was suitably ample.

Welcome and note

As comrade commissar premier, Yuri P greeted all those present. The quorum was achieved and meeting commenced at 19:30

Financial Statements

Comrade commissar Treasurer, Ilyeva provided us with the statement of account, To-whit:

The Revenue was:
In the 2012 season of play there 15 players who paid the subscriptions and one of which was a junior player. This came to a total of £540.00.
Matches and Net fees produced £361.00

The costs were as follows:
Internet fees, including hosting and transfer of domain, £105.50
Ryde BBQ fee for team £100.00
Trophy cost £58.50
Match teas £385.00

As of 22nd January 2013:
The bank held £910.65
Cash held £89.98

Charitable donations made:
Royal Marsden and D.Adam’s appeal £1,400.00

Charitable donation to be made:
Parkinson’s UK £360.16

The latter donation shall be made next week and we shall publicise it.

Membership fees will remain unchanged at £40.00 with half of that going to our charities.

Ilyeva concluded.

Quartermasters Report
Comrade commissar Quartermaster, Brandonovski provided us with the statement of account, To-whit:

Serious Cricket have provided us with a very good service this season and many comrades have taken up the colours for us. The scheme that they provide gives us a small kick back for all kit bought and over the course of the season we are due just over £60.00 to go to the bank.

We have decided that all paid up members MUST have at least an SCC shirt.

The treasurer must purchase and the quartermaster must present or make able to be borrowed two XL SCC shirts for every match. This way we can maintain a good image on the pitch and provide spares for those who forget or those who play unusually for us!!!

Jumpers to be ordered Before the end of February. ILYEVA is to proceed with ordering.

Blazers would be a welcome addition and some research should commence throughout the season by the quartermaster into a good source and design.

Cultural attaché’s Report
Comrade commissar Quartermaster, Brandonovski provided us with the statement of account, To-whit:

Comradery in the field and increased skills will be achieved by improving our knowledge of field positions. This will speed up positioning and produce and over all feeling of well being amongst a confident and suitably located player.

Again, a binding and culturally significant level of knowledge will be in us all in understanding Umpiring signals. This will benefit scoring and bring us together as a tight, cohesive unit.

More fanaticism is required. Let’s build the brand and drive more zealotism into our comrades. Fashion items should be designed and made available. Reference to

Cobramovich accepted continued nomination as cultural attaché and wants to work with Brandonovski in developing a training schedule as a joint responsibility.

Cobramovich concluded.

Captains’ Reports
Comrade commissar Captains provided us with the statement of account, To-whit:

Captain Marx-B is very keen for us to improve our decision making in the field as umpires. There were some shocking decisions made last and particularly in regards to our own team players. Hopefully this will improve this year as Brandonovski and Yuri are doing their level 1 umpiring course and will spread knowledge. Also, we should use square leg umpire as an opportunity to train lesser experienced officials through observation of the other.

Captain Cobramovich wants to see “stick ability” and all were suitably antagonised by my comment that I may as well swing out and go out for two as opposed to stick in and go out for two. His point being that our will improve greatly from time in the square scoring not much than a brief walk in and out and scoring not much. Fair point.

Equally, he noted with suitable admiration the captain of Stonor CC comment he “doesn’t care for pavilion pressure”. The underlying truth is that batting trading and heads down to follow the ball will strikingly improve our scores.

Also, more team building chat is required in the field. Perhaps some chanting, singing and glue type vocalisation.

Captain Yuri is up for more captaining and by the end of the season would like to captain a full day match.

Comrade Jontin was nominated and accepted to be a field captain for at least a match in the season and was warmly greeted into the commissariat thereby making him comrade commissar captain Jontin.

Commissariat positions
Comrade commissar Premier, Yuri provided us with the statement of positions, To-whit:

No comments were submitted to change the nature of the commissar roles, so no change in name or number shall be made. So the 2013 commissar roles are accordingly:

Comrade commissar Premier, Yuri
Comrade commissar Treasurer, Ilyeva
Comrade commissar cultural attaché, Cobramovich
Comrade commissar quartermaster, Brandonovski
Comrade commissar captains, Marx-B, Cobramovich, Jontin, Yuri
Comrade commissar adjutants, Soldya, Antonov. NB the latter TBC by Antonov.

Commissars, Cobramovich and Brandonovski have been voted for to jointly look after the training rosta for the SCC this season. Cobramovich securing all boot camp and field activities and Brandonovski supervising all net bookings. Details to follow very soon.

Nobody desired a vote to change the holder of premier or treasurer positions in the 2014 AGM and so none shall be offered. However, a vote can be held in 2014 AGM to make the same decision for 2015.

Comrade commissar Premier, Yuri provided us with the statement of fixtures, To-whit:

All of the fixtures were agreed as was also the desire to find an April match. All fixtures are available on the blog.

Comrade commissar Premier, Ilyeva provided us with the statement of need, To-whit:

It was thought that the SCC may not yet need sponsorship. When we have more members then perhaps we shall have a need.

What would any sponsorship be needed for? Not items or kit necessarily it perhaps some exuberant fixtures? We talked of creating a match in Red Square in Moscow fuss a local team and comrade commissar Jontin was going to investigate such a fixture. Smirnoff could sponsor such an event under the line “worth a shot!”

Pre-season drinks
Comrade commissar Premier, Cobramovich provided us with the statement of thirst, To-whit:

Cobramovich vigorously nominated his home for a preseason drinks event TBC.

Any other business
Comrade commissar Premier, Yuri provided us with the statement of rules, To-whit:

Founder members are those players who played in the season 2010/2011 seasons however they are provided with no special acclaim in selection anymore.

Selection will work hence:
First choice will go to fully paid up members of the SCC up until 23:59 three days before the match. So for a Sunday match, Wednesday 23:59.

Second choice is all non members and guests.

If an over subscriotion occurs by accident or otherwise, the captain of the match will decide the players to take part on the field.

Lords Nets – The ultimate mysteries revealed

Happy times at Lords
Happy times at Lords

18th December 2012:
Sorry, the mysteries are not revealed. I just thought I would write that to get your attention. However, there were some cricketing mysteries explored further. Stance, movement, I think we all came away with a few new pointers. Our superb Scottish instructor was hurling balls at us at great pace and watching our ever improving flailing. The evening was brilliantly fixed up by Brandonovski who showed brave heart and was soon facing the flinging scot!

The benefit of these sessions is astonishing. Typically one comment will stay with you. One simple thing. A bit like somebody pointing out that you will walk more evenly if you put both shoes on and not just the one. Yet stupidly, all these years, you have only warn the one of them! Then suddenly, “Yes, Yes I can walk better! I cannot believe I have been doing it so stupidly!” – You have to substitute walking for batting there, just in case Christmas has left you utterly dense.

Get this, Brandonovski!
Get this, Brandonovski!

My numpty reforming message was “Get that front foot into the line of the ball and hit it. No, not the foot.” This then led to a spritely series of overs where I clobbered nearly every one. Astonishing. So astonishing, Soldya whispered to the Scot and then i had a few overs of 85mph balls. Actually hit some, so feeling rather smug – Rahhhh! Bloody hell though, you cannot see those things much. You have to make an educated guess on where it may have been heading and don’t try and whack every one, just get in its way.

It was a fabulous event and despite all of us suffering from aches and an expensive curry and beers afterwards, it was well worth it. Thank you Brandonovski – a great piece of organizing.



Lord’s Training – An inside view

Nice action

Report from Comrade Commissar ILYEVA LUNCHOUR:

Well thank you comrades or the ones that managed to turn up! There was a much smaller party in the end, Commissar Tim Cobra picking up a puncture on the M25 to add to his car trouble book, which we think might be soon be published, and commissar Phil was AWOL but did present a good excuse [sorry folks! – ed]. But it all worked out with one of the coaches not managing to turn up either (wife having a baby, could forgive him that one). So it ended up being a perfectly sized group unlike “that” cricket ball. I think we all got some wisdom out of the coach and that bowling machine. There certainly was some visible transformations on our batting skills.

Father and Sons

Commissar Marx B did well to bring his sons who kept all of us on our guard with the odd ball flying at us down the alley and even over head. I think they too found some insight with our coach even though they seem to play all summer. They also had fun sending bouncers our way and being told off by the commissar.

Also a big thank you for Rob Muller from the VCC on joining our group. Dan March did also well to make it as he had a show on at 10pm so couldn’t even join us at the Lord’s Bar to have some end of season drinks and light banter (as Mark’s kids were with us)

I probably speak for the gang but our muscles did ache for quite a few days afterwards this must have been the most intense practise we’ve had this season. Also a nice wave goodbye to 2011 season and store away our gear for 2012.