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We do do Nets

Lallingrad in full form

We had our first net last Wednesday and it was EXCELLENT. Six turned out and we thwacked our way through two hours. Great to sweat in the net again. Of course, we had to thoroughly discuss the skills afterwards in a hot-bed discussion workshop in the pub. ANALITCH provided us with some fascinating stories, the likes of which I am only just recovering from. More please!

Anyone can book a net, it’s not rocket science. But until then I shall book another net for the week after our drinks! They really are a great way of building the team morale, boosting abilities and knackering yourself out.

NET Comrades!
NET Comrades!

The beauty of nets

Lallingrad AKA Vikram Lall
Lallingrad AKA Vikram Lall


Such is the beauty of nets, we can celebrate two new recruits. Vikram Lall, now LALLINGRAD is pictured here and also, Russell Townley, equally strong and vigorous, who I failed to photograph. Both were lured by the sporting righteousness of the SCC and our fun approach to the challenge that is cricket. Lallingrad is a great medium pace bowler with some interesting wristy actions, and Russell (yet to be renamed) is a very enthusiastic all rounder with a stoical batting approach.

We need to be getting netty, comrades. We need to get that muscle memory back and improve our stamina. What better way to get to bed in the winter/spring than with that dull ache in the lower back, those stiff arm muscles and the sense of satisfaction at re-bonding those SCC comradeships. It always has an undoubted beneficial effect on our skills so please try and get down to some.

Sleet Nets
Sleet Nets

What about the terrible weather? Well comrades, we net on. Over the years we have netted in showers, temperatures below zero and last week, in sleet from above (as opposed to that from below?!?). But wrap up, getting bowling and batting and you will soon be warm and invigorated. It’s the kind of determination of spirit that saw us have our great victories of last year, Lindfield and Xiles to name but a few (well, most I suppose!)

When are the next nets – Next week, either Tuesday or Thursday. Details will follow and it will be awesome. It will no doubt be at Paddington Rec and is a fave of the collective. So comrades,  get along!

Brandonovski in Street Sweeper style
Brandonovski in Street Sweeper style

Net thrills give way to Match excitement



Last night we had an excellent net session. I was delighted to see a new face, Tom Mayhew – long time friend and sporting comrade to our very fine Cobramovich. Also joining us was VCC (and SCC occasional) – most welcome Rob Muller. Both he and Tom will be needing a CCCP nickname so comrades, get thinking. At the nets too was recent acquisition, John Hirst (nick name please!), Robski, Danny “Hillerenka”, Brandonovski, Altmananov and myself, Yuri.

Comrade Muller proved a happy addition to the night as he was able to bring in his more extensive knowledge of the game and bring out the best of some our fine comrades. Thank you, Rob. SCC’s Robski was lucky to get some batting tips and we all agree that his style and dare i say, communist elegance is sweeping to the fore. Those long limbed swipes of the willow seemed ineffably easy and elegant.

New comrade Mayhew (man of sound excellence!) proved a very useful addition. A fast pair of arms and wrists was putting away nearly all deliveries. Luckily he also posesses some quick reactions and could drop quickly from an over of bouncers I pitched up. His bowling too was good and tight and we look forward to seeing him with us on Friday.

Comrade Hirst, good to his word and eager to attend was pitching some fantastic full length deliveries which seemed to slip through like a soldering iron through tissue. I only got to put a few down to him whilst batting but already I see our batting strength increasing for this season.

Altmananov, stoical, solid, bright eyed and fast to spot the ball was working on some find Dorothy action, dotting the ball solidly and we shall be requiring plenty of that as the season develops. Those pesky late order slips need halting and Altmananov will supply. Bloody good with arm I feel and mid/close fielding will be in order!

It is hard to summaries the beauty of Hillerenka behind the stumps. A more affable and sprightly pair of hands are only made less important by the terrific sledging ability this comrade is capable of. No oppo could fail to admire the terrific verbal banter which sets them off ease and their bales on the grass. But comrades, a true wicky and slip ability and I know that Robski will be keeping his eyes open and learning. With comrade commissar captain Marx, Hillerenka and Robski, I feel we have a great little wicky and slip team. Bravo comrades.

To Brandonovski who I noticed was full of Vim and Vigor last night. Encore! The bat was machete’ing through the wayward balls. I was desperate to “Dorothy” him but rarely had the chance and all we could sledge was an umpiring shout down which barely did us justice. The side-arm is a lethal weapon in Brandonovski’s hands and has really provided some excellent batting opportunities. Personally comrade, More. I want more. I want that ball zipping passed my feet. Let’s aim for an 80mph delivery!!!

As for me, much happier with my beloved Matrix bat. Even down the offside I feel and inkling towards a drive but I must get my head over more and stop pitching it up for a catch. Bowling, well i feel that right arm round and slip/wicky nick is my bowl for the season!

So to this Friday and our game : The season truly begins. Comrades – it will be fun and a gentle start to the season. The spirit of this event is just right as we are going to be helping BAFTA out with numbers and we are all keen to get our eyes in. Let’s have fun and play dricket.

Semper Sodales, fors et victores!

Do Svidaniya!


Yuri Beholds Matrix
Yuri Beholds Matrix

Comrades! I stand before you, whilst being sat at my computer, astonished by last week’s turnout at the nets. And the weather, comrades in willow, was far from seasonal. The cold wind that snapped up about our Urals was as bitter as the draft from an Eskimo’s freezer door. More frigid and damp air could not be found in a nun’s pond. I promise there shall be no more similes  Which is a believable as squirrel with three nuts. But it was COLD!

We had an amazing turnout: Ilyeva, Brandonovski, Soldya, Altmananov, Boringski, Samovar and myself, Yuri. Two nets, the side-arm and a suitable amount of kit to keep the frequency of batting practice up. Ilyeva has taken quite a shine to this weapon of bowling and after an hour was getting the ball down the end of the wicket at an alarming pace and thankfully, accurate too. This little device has truly helped us to build on our batting skills.

We were deploying the three hits and swap method so there were nearly always 3 or 4 bats padded up and swapping out after a run of three balls. It works well and also provides a bit of running. Keeps the eyes hungry too as you never get long enough to just smack the balls away. I was lucky enough to return to my first bat which I didn’t use all last year for fear of its weight and grandeur. Fool was I, for this nets it came upon me as an epiphany and I shall hence forth use her wisely!

More nets this week of course and if we get the same turn-out I shall be amazed. But without doubt the turnout was fantastic and I have included a photograph of the usual suspects below. We cannot stress enough, comrades; The nets are completely open. If you ever played and are embarrassed to come back or if you never played and think you will know nobody there – it does not matter. We are all comrades together and it would be lovely to see you all at the nets. Please make it along as it will really help our game and your selection!

Do Svidaniya – Yuri!

The Unusual Suspects
The Unusual Suspects

Comrade Altmananov is amongst us



Welcome amongst us our newest comrade – We shall call him comrade Altmananov (pronounced: Alt-Man-Annov). He has of course another name, John Altman but this lingers from his previous imperialist days which he has now shed to find shelter amongst our fine body of red adorned cricketeers!

He was with us last week as we fought off the biting cold to improve our batting averages. Joined by Brandonovski, Robski, Ilyeva and myself we made a fine five and hurtled our batting averages upwards. Altmananov has a good eye, in fact, two. Like the rest of us, work required on stroke play but we see fine potential amongst his batting. Famed of course for his nasty Nick reputation, it is with utmost respect that i may say, comrades, a more suitably pleasant and mild mannered addition he makes to our collective.

Welcome aboard, comrade Altmananov!


Umpiring, Nets and THE COLD

Comrades, I thought you would like to learn a little of the backstage drama that happens whilst some of us come together to build the excellence of the team! I know you can’t all make it along to these events, but do try, comrades, do try. You will find yourselves being picked more readily for a team, nobody likes a shirker!

Cobra at Winter Nets
Cobra at Winter Nets

February Nets

Oh yes we did. Last Tuesday 19th Feb, Brandonovski, Cobramovich and myself  Yuri, went along to the illuminated nets at Paddington Rec. The lights took a while to come on to be honest, but when they were, they looked great and the nets shone! We were wearing thermals, 20-20 kit, jumpers and thick socks. But to be honest, after a damn good bat and some bowling, our heads were steaming hot.

The hot addition for the night was Brandonovski’s inspired acquisition of the Side Arm. This insures that no matter who is bowling, the ball will get down the net and be playable by the bats person who is practising. Of course, if we are bowling practising then that is a different matter. But tonight we wanted to really improve our bat for the new season. I got my lid on first and faced up to some of Brandonovski’s chucking and boy, it’s fast! Accurate too, and I was facing 90% playable balls. My focus was to Pull shots down the leg side and after a few overs, I was improved. I used to step backwards endlessly just to defend them… duh!

Brandonovski was working on his off side drive although I also think he is looking to up his tally of dots for 2013. But some very nice action and good shapes! But I feel some swinging may add to an excellent quiver of strokes – next nets, comrade. It was good to see that his shoulder was much improved after a recent off spell, tenderly fixed by comrade Samovar.

Cobramovich was stoical in his determination to improve his soft wristed spill to the leg side, giving fine leg a tremendous sprint or the wicky some fractured ribs. He always looks good in his action and most of our comments were to congratulate him on subpplety of wrist. A lesson for us all, comrades. But I wanted him out from and edge and my bowling focused on coming around and across. I know there shall be no LBW from such rash bowling but I want a slip catch or two this season.

Cobramovich was lowering his action in delivery for the height of the nets but Brandonovski and I both felt this gave his balls more speed and improved accuracy to. Could this be a development for the season? We shall see. Whatever, we were all delighted with the nets and will be booking more winter nets very very soon! Come along.

Umpiring Course Week 5

Norman in full flight
Norman in full flight

It is hard to specify exactly how cold these Thursday nights at Lord’s have been. The weather has been utterly shocking, howling wind and snow, and freezing chill factors, Batman! The course is good. We are learning, comrade commissar Brandonovski and myself, all about the art and shall we say approach to umpiring required for us to hopefully get our Level 1 qualification from the ACO. We have one more regular week, then a mock exam week and the final week, the exam!

So what does that mean for you comrades? It doesn’t mean you don’t have to worry about umpiring at a match in the future. Nope. In fact, the reverse. We need a good core of umpire happy comrades to take part during all matches. Brandonovski and I will go out with those amongst us with years of cricket umpire helping behind them. So we shall learn their feeling and interpretation. We shall impart our more recent knowledge and other comrades will come in and help and learn. This way, our knowledge can be dissipated through the team and we shall all be happier to go out and ump’. Maybe next year, we can get one or two more comrades to do the course – we do subsidise it from membership!

Well thank you comrades for reading up and what’s going down. GET TO THE NETS as the season is starting very soon and you will all be hopelessly out of shape and none of you will have your eyes in. If we see you at the nets, we shall see you on the pitch – it’s that straight forward!

Do Svidaniya

Yuri P

Lords Nets – The ultimate mysteries revealed

Happy times at Lords
Happy times at Lords

18th December 2012:
Sorry, the mysteries are not revealed. I just thought I would write that to get your attention. However, there were some cricketing mysteries explored further. Stance, movement, I think we all came away with a few new pointers. Our superb Scottish instructor was hurling balls at us at great pace and watching our ever improving flailing. The evening was brilliantly fixed up by Brandonovski who showed brave heart and was soon facing the flinging scot!

The benefit of these sessions is astonishing. Typically one comment will stay with you. One simple thing. A bit like somebody pointing out that you will walk more evenly if you put both shoes on and not just the one. Yet stupidly, all these years, you have only warn the one of them! Then suddenly, “Yes, Yes I can walk better! I cannot believe I have been doing it so stupidly!” – You have to substitute walking for batting there, just in case Christmas has left you utterly dense.

Get this, Brandonovski!
Get this, Brandonovski!

My numpty reforming message was “Get that front foot into the line of the ball and hit it. No, not the foot.” This then led to a spritely series of overs where I clobbered nearly every one. Astonishing. So astonishing, Soldya whispered to the Scot and then i had a few overs of 85mph balls. Actually hit some, so feeling rather smug – Rahhhh! Bloody hell though, you cannot see those things much. You have to make an educated guess on where it may have been heading and don’t try and whack every one, just get in its way.

It was a fabulous event and despite all of us suffering from aches and an expensive curry and beers afterwards, it was well worth it. Thank you Brandonovski – a great piece of organizing.



Nets in 3D

Comrades, just the other week, in preparation for the Stonor CC match, Dan, Sam, myself and Huds went along to Paddington Rec nets (Which are open all year) for a bash. I also brought along a fairly basic 3D camera and tripod and was keen to see our various batting skills, or the lack of in my case.

You will need some Red/Cyan glasses to view these but you can switch off the 3D functionality in the youtube video if you wish!

My clip is large, the others are also if you click on the youtube button and watch them on their site.

YURI at the crease

Wow my bat is angled out and very cocked! Culd explain some things!





I hope you found that all very very interesting! Comments and tips are warmly accepted. If you would all like some 3D Net practice so you can see what you are doing with the bat – you had better come along to some nets, hadn’t you!?! There will be some winter nets arranged and training and comrades, we need batting practice. It is by far, the weaker part of our game.


SCC Batters

Superb Batting Practice!

SCC Batting


It was the 29th August 2012 and the last slithers of Summer appeared to be leaving us. But we did not be fooled nor down-hearted nor tepid in our socialist zeal! We set forth upon the field and once set up on the Hampstead Heath Extension, started to practice with the bat.

The purpose was to give bats folk who were both good and bad, an opportunity to go out and face a few overs instead of a few dots and an out. The rules were:

  • It is the SCC versus the batsman
  • Each bat gets four overs bowled at him/her
  • If they are out, they lose 3 runs but stay in bat until their 4 overs are bowled.
  • Batting from one end but running required of course, as well as boundaries
  • No byes, leg byes allowed, runs only from running off a hit or boundaries.
  • Maximum number of fielders in the field possible
  • AT least one wicket keeper for session, let’s help Rob out and gain some experience.
  • Score kept by Umpire
  • Bowlers will be those that are reliable and accurate. Remember, this is a BATTING practice. I foresee about five bowlers.
Dan is not a w*nker

Great fun was had by all and despite the threatening rain we stayed pretty much dry. Next season we shall be doing several more of these before the first games.  Anyhow, the results were these:

Sam 32 for 0
Yuri 21 for 0
Pete 18 for 0
Charlie 32 for 1
Soldya Hatter 16 for 1
Jontin 28 for 2
Ilyeva 18 for 4


Lord’s Nets and tuition – awesome!

Lord's 2012
Lord’s 2012

Comrades, do you recognise what you see in the faces of these happy players? Yes, it’s satisfaction and pleasure! It was Wednesday 23rd May 2012. Temperature outside was about 27 degrees and add another five on that to match the inside temp’ – very hot.

Two nets booked, one instructor, Faisal, and one bowling machine. Then two hours of sweaty, crickety fun followed! Those comrades in attendance were (as per picture) Brandonovski, Chipmonkski, Samovar, Yuri and Ilyeva. Each receiving a good dose of balls and instruction. Faisal was excellent; A few words of choice instruction and we would improve. Open your body, follow the ball, lift up a bit – all worked fabulously well.

After the training we had all truly benefited from the session and were full of good talk and cricket. The academy has a fantastic view of the training grounds behind Lord’s and of course, a great bar. The sun set slowly on a hot night of training and we were set to planning a world tour – in time!
We shall organise another session mid-season, so do yourselves a favor, comrades… and come along!