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Before I go on to mention that the captain’s report is missing because it was never submitted, may I say that the captain on the day was Jontin!

If anybody has specific memories of this match, I beg you to submit them. Otherwise the scorecard is below and a picture too.



Comrade Soldya Crispypants and new blood, comrade Stephen Mead. The match is over, the scorebook shut. The pub is open, expand one’s gut. Poetry is poor as I write these Lines but don’t play cricket on a field of mines. 




SCC 2017 awards night glory

Comrade commissar Brandonovski

Awards night comes around so quickly. The season is barely in full swing before we’re stopped and reminiscing on our failings and our victories. Twas ever such. 

The venue this year was the Lord’s Tavern which sits within a quick single of the Mecca of British cricket and we were warmly welcomed add had a fabulous night. 

As you can see, the main event was the award of the Cobramovich trophy, the comrades’ comrade samovar, to Brandonovski. Aka Pete Brandon. The result was a clear win for him and we all celebrate his success… he was decidedly gooey! Congratulations from us all Brandonivski.

Other winners on the night were the recipients of the SCC certificates of merit for their season’s achievements. They were…

Best keeping – Brandonovski (Pete Brandon)

Most improved – Malkovich (Malcolm Hercus)

Most runs – Vlad (Charlie Richards)

Most wickets – Yuri P (Philip Richardson)

Captaincy merit – Dacha (Dan Woodhouse)

Well done all comrades!

Semper sodales, fors et victores!!




We do do Nets

Lallingrad in full form

We had our first net last Wednesday and it was EXCELLENT. Six turned out and we thwacked our way through two hours. Great to sweat in the net again. Of course, we had to thoroughly discuss the skills afterwards in a hot-bed discussion workshop in the pub. ANALITCH provided us with some fascinating stories, the likes of which I am only just recovering from. More please!

Anyone can book a net, it’s not rocket science. But until then I shall book another net for the week after our drinks! They really are a great way of building the team morale, boosting abilities and knackering yourself out.

NET Comrades!
NET Comrades!

Stats for CheshamCC v SCC 1st September 2013


CheshamCC v SCC 1st September 2013 – The last match.

SCC Geek
SCC Geek
1st Spetember 2013
Chesham CC v SCC
Tim Richardson 6 1 1 1 38 0 6.33
Philip Richardson 6 0 0 0 42 0 7.00
Guest Lunov 8 0 0 2 18 1 2.25
Tristan Blackledge 8 0 1 4 12 0 1.50
Guest Neil 4 3 1 0 23 0 5.75
Dan March 6 0 0 0 57 1 9.50
Tom Mayhew 2 0 1 0 18 0 9.00
BATTING BALLS 6s 4s RUNS TIME in mins runs/ball runs/min
Dil Dhillon 49 0 4 25 46 0.51 0.54
Mark Blackledge 65 0 4 27 69 0.42 0.39
Tom Mayhew 27 1 7 44 52 0.00 0.85
Rob Dixon 7 0 0 2 8 0.29 0.25
Tristan Blackledge 6 0 1 7 8 1.17 0.88
Guest Lunov 35 0 5 33 42 0.94 0.79
Dan March 10 0 0 4 28 0.40 0.14
Guest Owen 12 0 0 1 10 0.08 0.10
Tim Richardson 17 0 2 11 N/A 0.65
Philip Richardson 1 0 0 1 N/A 1.00


Yuri Beholds Matrix
Yuri Beholds Matrix

Comrades! I stand before you, whilst being sat at my computer, astonished by last week’s turnout at the nets. And the weather, comrades in willow, was far from seasonal. The cold wind that snapped up about our Urals was as bitter as the draft from an Eskimo’s freezer door. More frigid and damp air could not be found in a nun’s pond. I promise there shall be no more similes  Which is a believable as squirrel with three nuts. But it was COLD!

We had an amazing turnout: Ilyeva, Brandonovski, Soldya, Altmananov, Boringski, Samovar and myself, Yuri. Two nets, the side-arm and a suitable amount of kit to keep the frequency of batting practice up. Ilyeva has taken quite a shine to this weapon of bowling and after an hour was getting the ball down the end of the wicket at an alarming pace and thankfully, accurate too. This little device has truly helped us to build on our batting skills.

We were deploying the three hits and swap method so there were nearly always 3 or 4 bats padded up and swapping out after a run of three balls. It works well and also provides a bit of running. Keeps the eyes hungry too as you never get long enough to just smack the balls away. I was lucky enough to return to my first bat which I didn’t use all last year for fear of its weight and grandeur. Fool was I, for this nets it came upon me as an epiphany and I shall hence forth use her wisely!

More nets this week of course and if we get the same turn-out I shall be amazed. But without doubt the turnout was fantastic and I have included a photograph of the usual suspects below. We cannot stress enough, comrades; The nets are completely open. If you ever played and are embarrassed to come back or if you never played and think you will know nobody there – it does not matter. We are all comrades together and it would be lovely to see you all at the nets. Please make it along as it will really help our game and your selection!

Do Svidaniya – Yuri!

The Unusual Suspects
The Unusual Suspects