Author: Philip Richardson

The Premier, the Tsar. Founder and chief culprit. A bowler not a batter, a scorer not a shirker.

More Autumn stats – don’t be shy.

SCC geek
SCC geek


Another day and another match. Check your figures and let me know of any memories you have, any errors, just any damn thing! I want these stats sorted out ASAP before I vanish off the face of the Earth to look after twin new-borns!

IN PARTICULAR I would like to know from the Wicket KeepersΒ about which matches you were in wicky for and what catches were yours.

18th May 2013
Penn CC v SCC
Philip Richardson 7 0 0 2 21 0 3.00
Tim Richardson 8 2 0 0 34 0 4.25
Sam Kankanamge 6 2 1 1 16 1 2.67
John Hirst 6 4 2 0 32 1 5.33
Dan March 7 1 0 0 54 0 7.71
Mark Blackledge 1 0 0 0 1 1 1.00
Tim Graham 4 0 0 0 16 2 4.00
Tim Graham J. Hirst 1
Mark Blackledge T. Graham 1
Mark Blackledge S. Kankanamge 1
BATTING BALLS 6s 4s RUNS TIME in mins runs/ball runs/min
Pete Brandon 5 0 0 0 2 0.00 0.00
John Hirst 3 0 0 0 7 0.00 0.00
Jonty 135 0 10 77 135 0.57 0.57
Sam Kankanamge 59 0 2 15 18 0.25 0.83
Mark Blackledge 49 0 7 43 66 0.88 0.65
Tim Graham 10 0 0 2 9 0.20 0.22
Andrew Sewell 6 0 0 0 11 0.00 0.00
Dan March 4 0 0 3 8 0.75 0.38
Philip Richardson 1 0 0 1 1 1.00 1.00
Tim Richardson DNB
Rob Dixon DNB

Please feed back, comrades – I do this for you!

Do Svidaniya!

Match Report : SCC v BOLCC Friday 26th July 2013


20/20 overs, 3 overs/bowler
BOLCC win by 33 runs
SCC scoring 110

There is nothing like a sunny evening and a game of friendly cricket. It is the tonic and gin, the Bush and the bull, the tickle and slap. Vast quantities of effort get everyone there, feed them, ferry them, play them and say goodbye to them but it is worth every ounce or milli-gramme of strain. Partners, wives and singles -PAWS – were also much in attendance as well a decent grubby shorts of children.

SCC win the toss and I threw us into the field. I am still not sure why i did that as it was a fixed over match of course and it was hot… But there you go. My vice was Brandonovski and between us we set out to field the oppo into the ground.

Alexander and Rob walk out and the bowling attack opened with Yuri and Soldya. The latter got Rob LBW for 11 and both bowlers were swapped out regularly as each player must bowl at least one over. The only other wicket was a runout for 2 of Jamie R off Robski. The retire n/o at 25 rule meant that the BOLCC got a good turnover although some retired due to fatigue from being quite young.

Oli and Dil
Oli and Dil

The end of the innings resulted in 143 for 2. We all had a breather and nervous of the light were back out as soon as Brandonovski and I arranged the order. Openers were Vladimir Boringski and Yankeroff. Vlad gave way to Diloffsky, founder player for the SCC. Yankeroff and he got 26 and 20 respectively and massive respect to Yankeroff for what goes down as a classic SCC true blood knock.

Sewelski and Brandonovski produced truly noteworthy scores of 11 and 13 and top hats off to both of them for doing so. Sewelski splendidly swishing his and Brandonovski also popping the odd dotty moment in too. Nice work.

But with the rest of our comrades producing less than 10 we were never going to hit the run rate. As the sun set over the horizon, we still had play going on and all was finished at 20 overs with 110 our score.

So congratulations to the Breath Of Life Cricket Club who won effectively and in good spirit. I like to think we lost gloriously too and hats off all round to the comrades. This fixture is great and we shall tinker with the rules next year. We have to have children on both sides or none, preferably the former although mine will be only one, so we must look elsewhere!!!

The food was fabulous and love to the chefs! Thank you to the generous scorer who scored both innings, and thanks to all those who did anything to make this event great… And those brilliant PAWS, including my top, pregnant wifey… Kathryn of Barnskeyev the First.

Do Svidaniya

BOL innings V SCC_2013
BOL innings V SCC_2013

SCC innings V BOLCC_2013
SCC innings V BOL_2013

Match Report : Babington House CC v SCC 14th July 2013

Babington Chapel
Babington Chapel

35 overs, 7 overs/bowler
BCC win by 10 wickets
SCC scoring 66 runs

Comrades! A different match report to follow, one that was written the next day after the match. Although as you can tell from the score above it was a travesty of cricket brought on by a terrible miss-match of abilities, it at least got us out in the baking hot sun, into the grounds of Babington House CC and down to delightful Somerset.

I simply won’t analyse the match and give the usual breakdown as I don’t feel we will gain anything from that. Comrade Samovar assisted as vice and I was captaining and I made splendid errors.

We had the great assistance of three locals who were friends of Comrade Altmananov: Simonovich and his son, Georgi and of course Markova. Each stepped in to support our numbers and we are very grateful. Father and son, Simonovich and Georgi even got to bat together. Thank you comrades.

Nunney Castle
Nunney Castle

Comrades, was it hot!? Moving was exhausting, breathing was exhausting and playing cricket was utterly nuts-offski. So in an amazing act of self effacing humility we rolled over and were all out for 66. A brief drink meant that we could be soon back out and provide the oppo with the deliveries required to swiftly finish off the bleeding and sweating carcass of the SCC so we could have tea and get to the bar.

Babington house is delightful and if you can you sell off three or four of your Dachas I suggest you join and invite us all down.

Yuri Kate And Twins
Yuri, Kate And Twins to be!

Brandonovski, Ilyeva and myself, PAWS and visitors Chipmonkski and Samovar had meals and rooms at The George in Nunney and that was great! Really good food and lovely service and smiles. There is also an ancient castle there which was worth a good nose around. The journey down from London is also a delight as the countryside is beautiful.

Thanks to Babington House CC for the opportunity and the wonderful location and thanks to all of you comrades who valiantly made the long journey down.

We smile, we stand erect. We brush the grass stains from our trousers, the nettle stings from our arms. The sweat we have wiped from our workers brows lays thick on the sleeves of our club shirts. This will bring us strength for our further struggles against the imperialist masses that challenge us. And so we prepare for our next battles, blooded, red with heat and similar of soul.

Semper Sodales, fors et Victores.


SCC Innings Babington 2013
SCC Innings Babington 2013

BHCC Innings Babington 2013
BHCC Innings Babington 2013