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Lords Nets – The ultimate mysteries revealed

Happy times at Lords
Happy times at Lords

18th December 2012:
Sorry, the mysteries are not revealed. I just thought I would write that to get your attention. However, there were some cricketing mysteries explored further. Stance, movement, I think we all came away with a few new pointers. Our superb Scottish instructor was hurling balls at us at great pace and watching our ever improving flailing. The evening was brilliantly fixed up by Brandonovski who showed brave heart and was soon facing the flinging scot!

The benefit of these sessions is astonishing. Typically one comment will stay with you. One simple thing. A bit like somebody pointing out that you will walk more evenly if you put both shoes on and not just the one. Yet stupidly, all these years, you have only warn the one of them! Then suddenly, “Yes, Yes I can walk better! I cannot believe I have been doing it so stupidly!” – You have to substitute walking for batting there, just in case Christmas has left you utterly dense.

Get this, Brandonovski!
Get this, Brandonovski!

My numpty reforming message was “Get that front foot into the line of the ball and hit it. No, not the foot.” This then led to a spritely series of overs where I clobbered nearly every one. Astonishing. So astonishing, Soldya whispered to the Scot and then i had a few overs of 85mph balls. Actually hit some, so feeling rather smug – Rahhhh! Bloody hell though, you cannot see those things much. You have to make an educated guess on where it may have been heading and don’t try and whack every one, just get in its way.

It was a fabulous event and despite all of us suffering from aches and an expensive curry and beers afterwards, it was well worth it. Thank you Brandonovski – a great piece of organizing.



Nets in 3D

Comrades, just the other week, in preparation for the Stonor CC match, Dan, Sam, myself and Huds went along to Paddington Rec nets (Which are open all year) for a bash. I also brought along a fairly basic 3D camera and tripod and was keen to see our various batting skills, or the lack of in my case.

You will need some Red/Cyan glasses to view these but you can switch off the 3D functionality in the youtube video if you wish!

My clip is large, the others are also if you click on the youtube button and watch them on their site.

YURI at the crease

Wow my bat is angled out and very cocked! Culd explain some things!





I hope you found that all very very interesting! Comments and tips are warmly accepted. If you would all like some 3D Net practice so you can see what you are doing with the bat – you had better come along to some nets, hadn’t you!?! There will be some winter nets arranged and training and comrades, we need batting practice. It is by far, the weaker part of our game.


Superb Batting Practice!

SCC Batting


It was the 29th August 2012 and the last slithers of Summer appeared to be leaving us. But we did not be fooled nor down-hearted nor tepid in our socialist zeal! We set forth upon the field and once set up on the Hampstead Heath Extension, started to practice with the bat.

The purpose was to give bats folk who were both good and bad, an opportunity to go out and face a few overs instead of a few dots and an out. The rules were:

  • It is the SCC versus the batsman
  • Each bat gets four overs bowled at him/her
  • If they are out, they lose 3 runs but stay in bat until their 4 overs are bowled.
  • Batting from one end but running required of course, as well as boundaries
  • No byes, leg byes allowed, runs only from running off a hit or boundaries.
  • Maximum number of fielders in the field possible
  • AT least one wicket keeper for session, let’s help Rob out and gain some experience.
  • Score kept by Umpire
  • Bowlers will be those that are reliable and accurate. Remember, this is a BATTING practice. I foresee about five bowlers.
Dan is not a w*nker

Great fun was had by all and despite the threatening rain we stayed pretty much dry. Next season we shall be doing several more of these before the first games.  Anyhow, the results were these:

Sam 32 for 0
Yuri 21 for 0
Pete 18 for 0
Charlie 32 for 1
Soldya Hatter 16 for 1
Jontin 28 for 2
Ilyeva 18 for 4