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SCC – AGM minutes 2017

The Montagu Pyke

Hello comrades, below is the results of our AGM from 8th February 2017.

The AGM was held in the most celubrious of venues, The Montagu Pyke on Greek street.


Is there a quorum of at least 3? Yes. Those present were:

  1. Dacha, Dan Woodhouse
  2. Soldya, Dan March
  3. Jontin, Jonathan Savitt
  4. Yankheroff, Jon Hirst
  5. Will Roberts
  6. Simon Woods
  7. Harrison Rose
  8. Yuri, Philip Richardson

A toast to absent friends was warmly received. 


  • Treasurer post empty so Yuri stands in for this part
  • Treasurer has stood down after invitation as he was unable to volunteer time – namely Ilyeva, Olivier Lauchenauer
  • A bank statement was presented as a report due to lack of treasury time and input. This was reviewed by all to determine there was no impropriety. 
  • A vote was taken on the main issue of whether or not fees should change from the 2016 season and a decision of ‘no change’ was arrived at. Jontin voted against, expressing no opinion in either way!
    • Membership fees are £50 for the season except for under 18s, full time students and those who are over 59.


Comrade commissar Yankheroff, John Hirst, presented a detailed list of fixtures for 2017 which shall be presented to the comrades soon.

  • It has a splendid schedule and provides a game every other week.
  • A fantastic two day event towards season end.
    • 4 innings match
    • at Baldock
    • Paying for umpires and scorers
  • LMS and BELIEVERS dropped
  • Ley Hill added
  • Biggest season ever!
    • Yankheroff determined we bring in new blood, at least 2-3 regulars – all in agreement
    • Grateful for young blood at the AGM – let’s see them playing!
    • Start of season drinks required late March early April
    • Ipad APP of some description required to help in scoring
    • Yuri pointed out the need was equally that of lack of ‘bother’ from some comrades
    • App shall be purchased!
  • A toast of congratulations was given to Yankheroff for stirling work in the fixtures for 2017 and his work last season.


  • The purchase through charitable collection of a portable defibrillator was raised for a vote and unanimously carried. We shall hope to have one in place by the season end. This will take considerable effort and a plan must be prepared.
  • Twitter feed – Brandonovski wants to contribute further content to that. All agreed.
  • FACEBOOK/BLOG: A long and passionate debate ensued and covered the following areas:
    • Yankheroff felt the blog and its costs was not necessary as it is usurped by Facebook
    • Yuri believe both have their place.
    • The FB group is now public and both events and posts are soon to be on the blog.
    • Although Yuri was happy to maintain the blog under his own funds, the general consensus was to maintain both blog and facebook.
      • FB definitely captures most of our current players
      • Blog is accessible and readily available to those that are not on facebook
  • Brandonovski also sees the need for recruitment and together with Yankheroff and Yuri we shall develop a recruitment drive for about 3-4 new players, over and above the intake of the last two seasons.
  • The shop is still there and selling our club kit: http://www.seriouscricket.co.uk/teamwear/stores/soho-cricket-collective
    • Every paid player should have at least a match shirt, presently at £19.99


  • After keenly volunteering to look after net bookings at Paddington and beyond, Dacha, Dan Woodhouse, was appointed Training Commissar. A unanimously welcomed appointment.
  • We are still happy to use Paddington as our main net facility
  • Plastic stumps for SCC shall be purchased (present stumps are with Yuri)
A hot bed of an AGM


  • All comrades to concentrate on fitness
  • Youth in the outfield placed where valuable
  • Always buy your round in the pub
  • Everybody must make a greater effort to know your positions – we shall train in this
  • More talking in the field – keep the Soho spirit up
  • Dacha to enable pre-match warm ups and develop them


  • Voting for Treasurer was an odd affair as Brandonovski had said that he would do it if nobody else would – nobody else did. Consequently the commissariat positions are as follows
    • comrade commissar premier – Yuri
    • comrade commissar treasurer – Brandonovski
    • comrade commissar fixtures secretary – Yankheroff
    • comrade commissar of captains – Jontin
    • comrade commissar quartermaster – Brandonovski
    • comrade commissar adjutant – Hodderoff
    • comrade commissar of training – Dacha


  • By this point it must be noted for the minutes that a fair amount of mist had fogged the eyes of the chairperson and minute-taker, Yuri. Apologies for the brevity throughout, but I believe this was noted:
  • Yankheroff – worried for SCC last season but feels we are all delighted that we are still a team and will play on and on and on. 2017 to be a great season.
  • Possible nicknames were devised for Harrison and Simon.
    • Plemyanik – Harrison
    • Ledz – Simon

THE MEETING CLOSED with the bar still open.

Tim Graham Memorial Charity Cricket Fair 18th June 2016

Tim Graham Memorial
Tim Graham Memorial


With a great man come great friends. Tim was one such man and as a result of his passing, his friends have conceived and designed a most fitting and beautiful celebration, the details of which are laid down here by Martin Stockman, his friend and VCC cricketer. Plans also created and overseen by our comrade commissars, Brandonovski and Ilyeva.

Last September we lost our wonderful friend Tim Graham. Tim loved life, loved friends, loved a party, loved music .. and loved cricket. We’ve put all this together to have a Memorial Fair on Saturday 18th June 2016 celebrating this charming man who brought so much colour, warmth and laughter to our lives. 


What: The Tim Graham Memorial Charity Cricket Fair

When: Noon Till Midnight 18th June 2016 (though coming all day not obligatory!)

Where: Sandon Strollers Cricket Club http://sandonstrollerscc.co.uk/ Roe Green Sandon, Herts SG9 0QG ..its about an hour’s drive from Central London.

Cost: £25 Adults, £10 Unwaged / Students, £0 Kids under 12.


(Must be bought in advance, preferably now!)


What does Ticket Buy? A Traditional Tea (230pm-4pm) and Supper (7pm-9pm.)with a Hog Roast and fabulous Vegetarian Options. A glass of Prosecco served at 8pm. Live Music …a jazz band in afternoon and live band / disco in evening. Three Cricket matches. Other Games including Rounders, Tug’o’war, Yoga.

What doesn’t Ticket buy? There is a PAY bar from noon onwards run by Sandon CC. Fine Ales and Wines. We will also have a cocktail hour. You’ll need CASH for this. They do not have a card machine or contactless payments. Yes, hipsters and metrosexuals .. bring CASH

What about Charity? £10 of each ticket will go to the British Heart Foundation and the Wycombe General Intensive Care Ward.

Can I bring my own refreshments? Yes

What if it rains? For light rain / showers we have 2 Marquees. For heavy rain we have the local village hall. But it won’t rain. I think.

Don’t hesitate to contact Kate or myself if you have any queries. Finally please purchase tickets now – or soon- so we have cashflow to fund the various events …

Tim Graham

Cobramovich celebrates award

Dear Comrades, on Sunday 6th September, 2015, at 04:17, Tim Graham passed away after never recovering from a severe heart attack sustained a week earlier. He had been playing for the SCC at Chesham Bois and collapsed after returning from his innings. Although he was kept alive by great efforts from our comrade Neil Dagley and all players there present, he was very ill and was kept unconscious during his care at High Wycombe Hospital.

The SCC and all of its friends and allies offer Tim’s family our most sincere sympathies for such a sad and terrible loss.

To say that Tim was instrumental in the forming and running of the SCC over the last five years would be an understatement. What he brought was a huge spirit that provided a vital backbone to how the team evolved and behaved. He was our good will Ambassador, our staunchest, entrepreneurial socialist advisor, the finest purveyor of cocktails one could imagine with a knowledge to boot. He captained many of our matches and provided victories amongst them. He cheered you up when out for a duck, and I don’t think I ever saw him angry when out for the same, or indeed, ever. When Oli and I were forming the team for the first ever match, Tim was first to sign up and first to spur us on in moments of uncertainty.

For so many matches, Tim would be the first to get his name down on the list. You could rely on his Green Merc’ to pull in behind the pavilion, and for him to step out and smile as he grabbed his kit from the boot. If we had Tim in the team, we had a team. His position was often a close mid-off and will be so hard to fill. His bowling ssssssstyle was unique and his decorum and fashion was unsurpassable.

We shall play on, and win and lose, and be rained off or oversubscribed, we shall get lost en-route, be crap and be excellent, but we will always be one short of an eleven even though that many are on the field, for we shall never have Cobramovich play with us again. But, his soul will be amongst us and his memory dear. We love you, Cobramovich.