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Pre Quantel 20/20 warm-up!

Paddington Rec
Paddington Rec Pitch

Friday 15th July 2011:

Comrades, there were a fine seven of us, straggling the farmer’s meadow, which is Paddington Rec’ pitch. Not a very useful pitch and not one we shall make a return to. All weather wicket is acceptable but the outfield was strewn with pot-holes, dog pooh and dare i say it, members of public. Despite the signs warning of men playing cricket, they failed to fear the ball! Silly buggers.

Anyway, we had a reduced turnout and nowhere near enough for a 20/20 but we did manage to get some bowling and defensive batting in. We adopted the following rules for your inspection. If you can think of an enhancement of these rules for defensive batting practice, please advise.

Yuri’s Defensive Batting Rules version 1

  • Any strike of the ball by the batsman is a single run. Unless,
    • It is a trike of the ball which passes a fielder or forces them to run into deeper ground in which case it is two runs.
  • If your are bowled out you remain in bat if there are still balls to be bowled but your run score is reduced by four runs. Even if it should become negative.
  • Wides, byes, leg byes rule still applied
  • No boundary scores apply
  • On end of pitch played only with no running
  • Each player rotates through bat and faces all of the remaining players who each must bowl.

The idea behind these rules was to gain the highest score by playing the most defensively. A simple block will always score a single and will avoid the temptation to swing out and open your stumps. It should also encourage guarding your stumps more.

The results were, if my memory serves me well!

  1. Charlie Richards – 39
    Philip Richardson – 39
  2. Rob Dixon -37
  3. Huds – 29
  4. Oli – 25
  5. Andrew – 8’ish

Also thanks to you Owen Sewell who came along to help it father!! Good fun and next time we shall have even more and have even more fun! Thanks Comrades!

Nets 1: We came, we saw, we hurt!

Rob Running up

It has happened. The 2011 season has commenced with a Nets and fielding session. I know that you all had good reasons for not being there and it’s cool and some of you were lovely enough to say you weren’t coming and i love you all for it, comrades. However, thanks to my fellow attendees, Dan March, Charlie Richards and fellow founder member, Rob Dixon, we put a good show on at Paddington Rec.

Phil Bowls

This was a new venue for us all as last year we Netted (?) at Regent’s Park Hub. I think we may well split it a bit this year between there and Paddington. The latter has lights and all and everything! They seem a bit wider too which i felt induced me to swing out a bit more. That and the new shorter Harrow handled bat that i am wielding! You can’t see it in my shot but Dan is smacking a ball hard with it below.

Dan Pulls


Dan is of the finest Media Acting fraternity and regularly appears with his comedy gang: The Real MacGuffins However, there was no comedy on Wednesday, it was hot, sweaty and fast. Get in, son!

Rob Bowling

Rob accompanied me to the nets and he is barely off the back of a variety of 3D projects for us here at Pogo. Despite me having told him there was months ahead to be spent in an edit suite staring at Victorian photographs, he still was happy to Net-Up  – Fine man – good comrade! I am so moved i have to include another Thumbnail.


Charlie delivers

I am very impressed by the steady and reliable bat of Charlie. Another of our media acting fraternity and seen below delivering another good length ball. Watch out in the field, he has a good pair of hands and can pick up well in the slips i think!

We moved out from the nets and seven and then hurt each other horribly by various ball chucking exercises and sometimes catching too. Some small bruises. Must lose that fear and face the ball. Ouch!

More nets soon. May be last minute so watch out for a blog!

Your comrade in Administerdom, Yuri.