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SSCC v SCC 2-Day 19/20th June 2021



Sandon Strollers CC19926Win
Soho Cricket Collective10273Loss

Sandon Strollers CC

Runs Balls 4s 6s Overs Maidens R Wickets

Soho Cricket Collective

Player Runs Balls 4s 6s Overs Maidens R Wickets


This was as ever, a brilliant two day fixture. Two innings of fun, food and barbecue. Maybe some beer and other refreshments too. Please watch Captain of the day, Dacha in the video match report. It is an excellent report and represents the fixture very well. For the sake of the figures working for the blog, the ‘Box Score’ is a combination of both days of play. But to make things easy for viewers, I have attached a daily spread of stats below. Dacha does not appear on the first day’s batting because he surrendered his innings to the already 11 comrades. (Actually, thinking about that, does that work within the laws of cricket?)

Day 1 stats were:

Players Runs Balls 4s 6s Overs Maidens R Wickets
Brandonovski 11 121 1 0 0 0 0 0
Colingrad 9 41 1 0 3 0 18 1
Hodderoff 2 7 0 0 0 0 0 0
Soldya 0 6 0 0 8 1 36 0
Malikovich 1 9 0 0 17 7 36 3
Yankheroff 8 30 0 0 7 1 12 3
Samovar 15 38 2 0 13 2 36 2
Mullertov 1 4 0 0 0 0 0 0
Jontin 1 2 0 0 0 0 0 0
Ruboneoff 16 29 1 0 7 1 12 0
Yuri 2 5 0 0 11 4 25 1

Day 2 stats were:

Players Runs Balls 4s 6s Overs Maidens R Wickets
Malikovich 10 12 2 0        
Mullertov 6 17 0 0        
Samovar 1 15 0 0        
Ruboneoff 1 4 0 0        
Soldya 5 37 0 0        
Hodderoff 7 20 1 0        
Dacha 0 6 0 0        
Brandonovski 1 6 0 0        
Yankheroff 1 13 0 0        
Jontin 4 2 0 0        
Yuri 0 0 0 0        


Date Time League Season
19 June 2021 12:00 Not a league 2021


Sandon Cricket pitch
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SCC AGM 2021


Welcome comrades,

Here are the minutes for the SCC AGM 2021. They are brief as life is short. However, as you will see from the only available image of the night, it was hair raising. Dan’s expression captures the excitement and suspense of the evening, it is all we could muster by Zoom.

  1. Those present were: Brandonovski, Yuri, Ruboneoff, Dacha, Malkovich, Yankheroff, Tom Willshire, Jontin, Yas, Soldya and Malikovich.
    A toast was given to absent friends as we commenced at 20:00
  2. Malkovich
    Bank account details were discussed by comrade commissar Treasurer, Malkovich. 

    1. Fees set at £50 except for those who carried £40 across from last season.
    2. Tom Willshire at £25 for first year membership.
    3. £100 agreed to be paid to Heart charity asap.
    4. General condition of accounts looks good for year. Email Malkovich for details that were produced at the AGM.
  3. Brandonovski
    No changes from the comrade commissar Quartermaster. 

    1. Kickbacks from SeriousCricket still present, new caps for this season?
    2. Investigations to be made by Quartermaster into the costs for special 11th anniversary shirt and/or cap.
  4. Jontin
    comrade commissar of Captains, Jontin 

    1. “Keep it fair, fun and enjoyable!” – with a little bit of competitiveness. But after discussing his marriage, he applied the same rules to the SCC.
  5. Dacha
    comrade commissar Training, Dacha. 

    1. More netting and as soon as we can after lockdown restrictions.
    2. Dacha, will chase Paddington to assess net opening.
    3. Jontin complimented Yas (Ash) for organising the previous 4 superb net training sessions. Here Hear!
  6. Yankheroff
    comrade commissar Fixtures, Yankheroff.
    Download fixtures excel sheet: SCC 2021 

    1. Fixture news for year ahead:
      1. As of the night of our AGM, Ley Hill unlikely.
      2. Trafalgar arms have not responded.
      3. Penn Street strangely quiet.
      4. MCA at Barn Elms we hope (£240 now for hire)
      5. Sandon test match
      6. A quiet July, Top Knockers not interested. More July ideas, please.
      7. Lindfield 30th July and 1st August Xiles at Firle – more to come
      8. When are school holidays? (Not your posh schools, mind! Merton schools, many just the same, I think.)
        Last day: Friday 23 July 2021
        First day: Wednesday 1 September 2021
      9. Yas (Ash) can probably get us a mid week match against St Anne’s (one assumes this is not the one in Blackpool) – Yas, more details please, comrade.
      10. 11th anniversary events
        1. A committee is set up to organise anniversary tour and consists of: Yankheroff, Brandonovski, Soldya and Dacha.
        2. The Sussex tour will be the weekend of celebration.
        3. Celebration night for anniversary to be Friday or Saturday night, slightly dependent on how much access and when we get it, to the Firle Cricket ground for camping etc.
          Jontin to chase.
  7. Commissar cavalry

    comrade commissar premier, Yuri

    1. Yankheroff is not quite ready to take up the mantle of premierly duties. But nobody else is keen.
      Yuri is off to Devon in 2023 (maybe earlier) so somebody needs to exert pressure.
    2. Yuri reassured everyone that it’s easy now that we have such a fantastically organised group of commissars.
    3. There were no changes nor interest in any of the current commissariat positions and the assumption was made, that even in his absence, Hodderoff was determined to remain Adjutant, along with Soldya. 
    4. Meeting adjourned at 21:07

Many thanks comrades for the most well attended and briefest ever AGM.

Semper sodales, fors et victores!


SCC AGM 2020

SCC AGM_Minutes
Thursday 6th February 2020
Lord’s Tavern, St John’s Wood, NW8 8NQ

Here are the generalised rsults of our AGM.


Having decided a quorum was present, the register was:

  • Philip Richardson – YURI
  • Malcolm Hercus – MALKOVICH
  • Ashwin Rattan – YAN
  • Jonathan Savitt – JONTIN
  • Dan Woodhouse – DACHA
  • Malik Suleman – MALIKOVICH
  • Stephen Meade – TBC
  • Dan March – SOLDYA

No particular order placed. Absent friends and comrades were toasted.

MALKOVICH – treasurer commissar

  • The best ever presentation of accounts in our history. Congratulations all around to comrade Malkovich for outstanding formatting.
  • Once again, we must stay on top of collecting match fees at matches. The usual struggle for cash in a debit card world. 
    • Could we all ask that each of us who adoes not have the cash sets up the SCC as a payee on their phones so that Malkovich can see them transfer the money there and then?
  • We expect to have porbably 14 members at £50 per full membership.
  • Hstorically 50% of remaining funds to be paid to a charity at the year end. This has been split between Parkinson’s and a Heart charity BUT:
    • NOT the British Heart Foundation as Jontin has issues with them.
  • No change in membership fees, they stay at £50 for senior and £25 for junior of first year new members.
  • Spending on the awards and that event to remain unchanged.
  • Meadvedev ask about a pay as you play scheme for those unable to play a whole season.
    • The decision was to see where we are by the star of March but this now may be delayed until May?
  • Also mooted was the idea of increasing one-off match fees to £15. The feeling was that this was steep and again we would assess where we were at season start.
  • Malkovich needs blog login details – Yuri to provide with run-through

BRANDONOVSKI – Quartermaster commissar

  • Not present at AGM
  • Keep pushing for more kit purchase as we do get a cut.
  • More publicity for the club’s shop through social media.
  • Wicket keeping kit is available between Meadvedev and Hooperoff.
  • A further half-doze balls needs to be ordered – Brandonovski

JONTIN – Captains’ commissar

  • Mixed season, he was especially sad at our thrashing at Sandon.
  • As ever, we really must keep up our mojo in our game in the field. Pecker up! Speak up, everybody must commit to more banter, encouraging the bowler and certainly not deriding him mid over, Jontin.
  • Those about to come into bat – be ready for it! In play and mind.
  • At break and closure, we must mix with the oppo more and boost our levels of sociability. – JONTIN to drive this
  • This season we shall be expecting wicket keeping from Malkovich and Hodder but are open to further suggestions.

YANKHEROFF – Fixtures commissar

  • Fixtures have now been advertised on FaceBook and need to go on blog – Yuri 
  • Top Knockers were apparently embarrassed by the ringers they brought in, last year.
  • In discussion between skippers before the game, we should push for 50 and off and perhaps highlight this desire in advance.

DACHA – Training commissar

  • Paddington nets work well, and that Lord’s for indoor nets was also good, if arranged independently.
  • Wednesday or Thursday best for nets
  • Let’s have some fielding drills too.

YURI – comrade commissar premier

  • Discussion of new Premier
    • Thoroughly encouraged by Yuri
    • Yankheroff happy to step up but it will need to slow as his career situation is changing and the year may be difficult.
    • Phased hand-over across the year.
    • Yankheroff to be Premier-Elect
    • Yuri to help and develop the change.
  • Other commissariat roles:
    • Soldya remains Adjutant
    • Jontin remains Captains’ commissar
    • Dacha remains training commissar
    • Malkovich remains treasurer
    • Brandonovski remains quartermaster – Monitoring this season
    • Yankheroff remains fixtures. How will this change at year end?
  • Our 10th anniversary will roughly coincide with our Xiles match at Firle. This should be celebrated. Can we make something of it?
    Yuri to check in with Hooperoff – stayover before/after match?

Any other business

  • The blog needs to be made more of as people are leaving Facebook and the only constant is whatsapp (mostly) and the blog.
    Yuri to create a blog-how-to video for members
  • New members drinks to be promoted by Soldya
    This should be March/April. Date and venue to be found.
  • Malik Suleman really liked the match reports to be video shot immediately after the match and Yuri and others agreed this was best.
    Please remind Yuri on match days to do this.


These minutes are for adding and adjusting by those present at the AGM and should be done so by comments or emails to premier.

Many thanks