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MATCH REPORT – LEY HILL CC versus SCC – 23rd April 2017

Ley hill cc


A new fixture in the season. One that was, shall we say inherited from the unfortunate scattering of an opposition’s list in the confetti strewn path of history. But what a great fixture to have discovered. The rolling meadows of Bucks and the fortunately shining sun of an April Sunday made this great stage, and our luck further blossomed by the arrival of a very charming oppo. 

Yes, I have been drinking. Malbec.

Captain Jontin soon had our ten strong team in an order of some description and after a toss of the coin we were made to bat. Any future historian of the SCC will come to realise that we are not at our best when batting first but why confuse facts with glory and defeat? Our openers, Vlad and Analitch gallumped to the crease with a swagger of a well paid docker at a Glaswegian brothel. They set about the opening bowlers with a cautious trot. Vlad was impeccable. He provided a strong wall of Dorothy through which 35 balls made no impact for 40 minutes and 13 overs. This gave Analitch a chance to unwind and give sucker to his aching run sphincter. Over 72 minutes he notched an astounding 42 runs. 

In his support came Harrison with a tip chipping 10. Before being bowled by Batt. But a very pleasant session and with great promise for the season. Then the most wonderful return of Samovar to the SCC. Such a joy to have him back amongst us and a privilege too. Seeing his most famous spinning hook unleashed again filled us with hope. He created a very useful 28 before neing caught Alex off Woodley.

Will and Jon tin had a brief moment together at the crease but a distinct lack of vision helped the latter off abruptly and the formjer for 6. Chip, Soldya and Yuri were removed by an increasingly strong bowling field but Soldya fought on for 3. Yuri was given two bites at the cherry. The first for 0 in his usual potions style but his second charitable bash at 5.

So we had notched up 160 all out across 39 overs. A little help from 51 extras…… 51. Yep……. fifty one.

Tea was nice and I am a push over for a cherry bakewell.

Lown opened and scored 102. There’s no easy way to write that and not feel the rush of sick bile launch itself into your soft pallette so I thought I would just write it straight off. I mean he didn’t rush it, he was there for the 25 overs that they took to get 164 and beat us by 15 overs. He was accompanied by Batt and Woodley for 25 and 10 and finally, James for 8. Batt was delightfully bowled by Samovar and Analitch held a super wicky catch to scoop Woodley.  There were some pricey overs but the worse enemy was dropped catches. Yuri, myself, a terrible culprit. A tidy bowling spell of economic near misses, shat upon by dropping a peach. 

The match was lost but a great fixture gained. The pub opposite was also very effective in easing our sorrows. If we had a wrist bowler and another pace bowler….. we may, just may have had them!

Thank you, comrades. One and all.


LHCC v SCC 23April2017 LHCC Innings
LHCC v SCC_ SCC innings_23April2017

Awards Night, 2014 season


comrade commissar Yankheroff 2014 Comrades' comrade
comrade commissar Yankheroff
2014 Comrades’ comrade

One million apologies for the terribly late post of this blog. I shall publicly flog myself with a damp sardine. But nothing will stop me from admiring the splendid comrades who attended our end of season awards night at The Union Club on 12th November 2014.

Firstly, let us commence with our most deserving of award winners, winner of the comrades’ comrade award 2014 went to Yankheroff, aka John Hirst. Receiving a significant voting majority in the secret poll, Yankheroff rightly took home the extremely heavy trophy! His exploits on the field and especially behind, meant that he is a worthy winner. The extensive fixture list and negotiation required was down to him and he undertook this task manfully. Congratulations.

Other winners were:



Captaincy Merits:

  • Brandonovski (Peter Brandon)
  • Cobramovich (Tim Graham)
  • Jontin (Jon Savitt)
  • Marx (Mark Blackledge)
  • Yankheroff (John Hirst)
  • Yuri (Philip Richardson)

Most Improved:

  • Chipmunkski (Tim Richardson)

Most Catches: Joint winners

  • Cobramovich (Tim Graham)
  • Soldya (Dan March)

Most Wicket Catches:

  • Robski (Rob Dixon)

Most Wickets Bowled: 11

  • Yuri (Philip Richardson)

Most Runs Scored: 225

  • Dagleyev (Neil Dagley)

We in the commissariat and all comrades, strong in heart and true in spirit, salute you all, comrades! Great work and may you act as inspiration for all present and future comrades to fight, drink and play harder.

Semper Sodales, Fors et Victores!

SCC 2013 Awards

Honarary Member Zipperoff struggles with Cobramovich
Honorary Member Zipperoff struggles with Cobramovich for possession!


The season flashed passed us like a swallow on the wing, the summer yielding to autumn and now the chilled bite of winter. And so we were to mark the close of the season with our trophy award and certificates of merit. The Union club was the haunt of choice and a goodly crowd of comrades were present. The drinks were accompanied by lashings of food, predominantly chips.

So who won what? Well here is the list of victorious comrades: In no particular order we shall start with Most Improved Comrade who for this season is Ilyeva Lunch-hour! aka Olivier Lauchenauer. A well earned merit as his batting average improved mightily from last season and his athleticism in the field was overshadowed only by his dogged determination.

Soldya Oldcarlastnight, Dan March, scooped Most Wickets from Bowling for 2013. He may cost a little more than some but like an expensive bathroom fixture, he buffs up nicely and can get you wet all over.

Most catches in the Field award to Marx-B! Superb year for one of our captains and it was accompanied by Mark Blackledge’s Captaincy Merit Certificate which makes him a most delighted victor.

Other Captaincy Merit Awards went to Cobramovich, Tim Graham. To Yuri Pedeez, otherwise known as Premier Yuri and for the first time to comrade Jontin, Jon Savitt. Despite being absent for the awards, Jontin is very chuffed to receive it for his first outing at Lindfield this season. And if that wasn’t enthusiastic for comrade Jontin, he won the award for the most runs in the season – congratulations comrade.

Robski 2013 Comrades' Comrade
2013 Comrades’ Comrade

Another sterling year for Robski, Rob Dixon as he was awarded the Season’s Most Keeper’s Wickets. But that was nothing in the face of who won The Comrades’ Comrade Trophy for 2013 ….. Which Robski also won! Well done comrade. You may be quietly always sat behind the wicket and just getting on with getting on but you are highly respected comrade and we salute you! Congratulations!!

So that is that for the season and we shall soon announce the AGM date and the match schedule for next season, and so the wheel turns. Do Svidaniya, comrades!