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SCC 2013 Awards

Honarary Member Zipperoff struggles with Cobramovich
Honorary Member Zipperoff struggles with Cobramovich for possession!


The season flashed passed us like a swallow on the wing, the summer yielding to autumn and now the chilled bite of winter. And so we were to mark the close of the season with our trophy award and certificates of merit. The Union club was the haunt of choice and a goodly crowd of comrades were present. The drinks were accompanied by lashings of food, predominantly chips.

So who won what? Well here is the list of victorious comrades: In no particular order we shall start with Most Improved Comrade who for this season is Ilyeva Lunch-hour! aka Olivier Lauchenauer. A well earned merit as his batting average improved mightily from last season and his athleticism in the field was overshadowed only by his dogged determination.

Soldya Oldcarlastnight, Dan March, scooped Most Wickets from Bowling for 2013. He may cost a little more than some but like an expensive bathroom fixture, he buffs up nicely and can get you wet all over.

Most catches in the Field award to Marx-B! Superb year for one of our captains and it was accompanied by Mark Blackledge’s Captaincy Merit Certificate which makes him a most delighted victor.

Other Captaincy Merit Awards went to Cobramovich, Tim Graham. To Yuri Pedeez, otherwise known as Premier Yuri and for the first time to comrade Jontin, Jon Savitt. Despite being absent for the awards, Jontin is very chuffed to receive it for his first outing at Lindfield this season. And if that wasn’t enthusiastic for comrade Jontin, he won the award for the most runs in the season – congratulations comrade.

Robski 2013 Comrades' Comrade
2013 Comrades’ Comrade

Another sterling year for Robski, Rob Dixon as he was awarded the Season’s Most Keeper’s Wickets. But that was nothing in the face of who won The Comrades’ Comrade Trophy for 2013 ….. Which Robski also won! Well done comrade. You may be quietly always sat behind the wicket and just getting on with getting on but you are highly respected comrade and we salute you! Congratulations!!

So that is that for the season and we shall soon announce the AGM date and the match schedule for next season, and so the wheel turns. Do Svidaniya, comrades!


AGM – Wednesday, 23rd January 2013

Judge Yuri
Judge Yuri


Wednesday, 23rd January 2013 – SCC AGM
The Union Club
50 Greek Street

This splendid event comes but once a year, and boy, that’s enough. You verily love to attend and last year our numbers in attendance were simply average. I thank you for that. It is like some deathly chore that I realise you all feel the fear of. Like a trip to a Dentist or some form of sexual health clinic. But i promise you there shall be no drills, swabs, gas or purple liquid – nor anything from a Dentist’s either.

I want you to report back to me if you have any additions to the items on the agenda below. However, I must have feedback one week before the meeting in order to incorporate it and discuss it.

Cobramovich - The comrades' comrade!
Cobramovich – The comrades’ comrade!

The outline agenda is this:


  • Welcome and note those present.
    • Is there a quorum of 5 minimum, as demanded?


  • Financial statements for 2012
    • What is in the bank?
    • Statements of account
    • Expenditure and Income report
    • Charitable donation report
    • Membership fees for 2013


  • Quartermaster’s report
    • Kit developments


  • Cultural Attache’s report

COBRAMOVICH, MARX-B, YURI (whoever is present)

  • Captains’ report
20/20 Beer
Good Beer


  • What Commissar roles are required?
  • Yuri’s suggestion:
    • Commissar Premier
      • Moral leadership
      • Fixture selection
      • Blog
    • Commissar Treasurer
      • Financial responsibility
      • Fixture selection
      • Multi-media comrade
    • Commissar Quartermaster
      • Kit and Equipment provision
      • Match logistics ?
    • Commissar Adjutants
      • Communication comrades
      • Specialist situation handlers
    • Commissar Cultural Attache
      • Training director
      • Cricket knowledge guidance
      • Bacchanalian integration
    • Commissar Captains
      • Those who captain the team or are expected to captain the team in the season will automatically adopt the commissar epithet.
  • If I hear of no difference in opinion before the week deadline before the AGM, these are the roles that will come into existence for the 2013 season.
  • Nominations can be from oneself or from a third party with the agreement of that nominated, and must be submitted for the agreed roles of commissar as will be publicised a week before the AGM.
    • Those at the AGM will vote on the those nominated and the successful nominee be allocated the role he/she was nominated for immediately and for the whole of the 2013 season.
    • At this time, the roles of commissar Premier and commissar Treasurer cannot be nominated for and rest with Yuri and Ilyeva, as at present. HOWEVER at the AGM a vote shall be held on whether these roles can be voted for at the January 2014 AGM.


  • status of 2013 fixtures.
  • What is booked?
  • Follow up plans.
  • Match spread over year.


  • Sponsorship


  • Training
  • Pre-season drinks


  • Any other Business?

Thank you Comrades!

2012 End of season Awards!

Cobramovich celebrates award

Comrades, dear Comrades!

We have indeed drawn a firm black line under the season’s official events. There may be a net before the year closes but no more games and no further socials either. But what joy was gleaned from Prosecco, good company, awards and merit and the great comradery of the SCC for our end of season drinkums.

Pogo Films sponsored the event with help from The Union Club providing us space to celebrate and cheer! All other contributions were from you yourselves, the finest cricketing comrades to ever walk the streets of Soho. Our home ground may well be the distant pastures of Suffolk or the closer, wild-life and midge infested plains of Regent’s Park, but our stomping grounds of celebration are firmly set in Soho and long may it last.

A turn out of more than a team with Umpires and scorers too, so a great success. Faces in the crowd too many to mention or remember but some new faces and those rarely seen; Looking forward to seeing more of Hudski (Menhaj Huda) next year and some more fixtures with Nickolai Nastarov (John Altman)

“But what about the prizes?” I hear none of you whimper. Here then are the results:

  • Most Runs Scored throughout 2012: SAMOVAR (Sam Kankanamge)
  • Most Wickets taken by bowling 2012: SOLDYA GRANMA FORRAFIVER (Dan March)
  • Most catches by a fielder 2012: SOLDYA GRANMA FORRAFIVER (Dan March)
  • Most catches by a Wicket Keeper 2012: ROBSKI (Rob Dixon)
  • Most Improved comrade 2012: SEWELLSKI (Andrew Sewell)
  • Captaincy Merit awards: COBRAMOVICH, MARX-B, YURI (Tim Graham, Mark Blacklegde, Philip Richardson)
  • And finally, The Soho Cricket Collective’s Comrades’ Comrade Samovar Trophy went to COBRAMOVICH (Tim Graham)

This latter award was richly deserved by Cobramovich, who despite ties in many quarters holds the finest of Collectivist qualities, provided great guidance on the field and is also our most splendid comrade commissar of Cultural Affairs. It was close, may I add, one point each separated the top comrades. But there can be no doubt in Cobramovich’s worthiness and delight in receiving this splendid, if somewhat bloody heavy, award! Hurrah, comrade commissar!

From my humble self, the comrade commissar premier of the SCC to all comrades, to all those who played for and supported us and to all those with whom we battled, my most heart felt of thank you’s and may we all meet, play and celebrate again in the next season – SCC 2013!

Semper Sodales, Fors et Victores

Do svidaniya!