Soho Cricket Collective vs MCA CC


TeamRunsWickets LostOversOutcome
Soho Cricket Collective146127Win
MCA CC1421029.2Loss


Fine comrades and the Romer-Lee division.

This match report was never provided but we have some very nice commentary from Soldya that will be entertaining. Also, some images, a video and the scorebooks. Lovely.

New-blood Romer-Lee provided extra portions for this match in the shape of his son, Arthur! The infant was also in attendance but considered too small for a its first knock.Maybe next year?

We must apologise for the wrong format deployed here. The director was taken out and shot this morning by firing squad. Sadly they shot in the wrong format, all rounds going straight up and down again. Firing squad now deceased.

Below is commentary from Soldya. Not the whole match but selected balls.

Arthur and Soldya
The comrades


scc mca 2019 scc bowling
scc mca 2019 scc innings


Date Time League Season
02/06/2019 10:22 pm Not a league 2019

Soho Cricket Collective

Player   R B 4s 6s O M R W
Vlad 7501400000
Meadvedev 540716.21262
Hodderoff 110011031
Brandonovski 00000000
Soldya 000080333
Ben Romer-Lee 000040160
Simon Woods 00000000
Dacha 000051281
Arthur Romer-Lee 00000000
Malkovich 00000000
Samovar 000050241
Total 146021229.221308


  R B 4s 6s O M R W

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